Our Drinks

It is a sparkling wine especially recommended for celebrations, parties and events somewhat different, for people who like to drink, with due view that one of the essences of this wine, is in its visual effect intoxicating and its flavor. Its spectacular presentation assumes the risk, that it seems only a nice wine by its effect, but its fruity flavor, with this citric point, has been successful in the international market. This sparkling wine is presented in five different bottles: Vulcano, Fortune, Glacier, Rosee and Sky.
Wine of Fire is one of our most special products. It is a wine with warm sweet and fruity flavor. It is made with white and red grapes like Airén and Tempranillo, and some particles that give us the visual effect of the flames when shaking the bottle.

If you need any kind of wine that you can not find in our catalog, please contact us.We are the official distributor of Win of Fire in Russia and Eurasian Union (Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan and Russia).