Fibra de Alpaca

Alpaca yarn is considered one of the most luxurious and fine yarns in the world, has thermal capacity, is soft and resistant and also very scarce in the market, making it more exclusive.
Alpaca fiber has many qualities and therefore has become the favorite of sellers, designers and customers, let's see some of its advantages:
  • is very fine, it can reach 19 microns of fineness.
  • is three times stronger than the sheep yarn and seven times warmer.
  • has excellent insulation and thermal qualities by having microscopic air pockets in the interior, that also makes it lighter but still very warmer.
  • has a silky sheen that are maintained despite production, dyeing or washing. Alpaca yarn does not contain fat, oil or lanolin.
  • Alpaca yarn does not retain water and can withstand solar radiation.
  • is resistant making garments very durable and easy care, being a saving for people and greater care for our environment.
  • is hypo allergic because of its great fineness.
  • has more than 22 natural colors.
  • not only spun it can be felled obtaining beautiful cloths and hand felt alpaca.
  • For these values, the alpaca yarn is considered the gold of the Andes and the producers of Ayni Bolivia weave with it, every clothing made with 100% alpaca wool is a jewel.
Bolivia weave with it, every clothing made with 100% alpaca wool is a jewel.
Alpaca yarn is measured in microns and the larger the micronage, the softer it is:
Qualification Simbol Micronage
BabyBI 17 a 23
Super fineFS 23,1 a 26,5
Super fine mediumFSM 26,5 a 29
HuarizaHZ 29,1 a 31,5
GrossAG más de 31,5
Alpaca Thread 1
Alpaca Thread 7
Alpaca Thread
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Baby Alpaca 1
Baby Alpaca 2
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