Commercial Management

We take care of the search and contact with potential clients, suppliers, agents or distributors for companies that we represent. In case of necessity, we take care of the organization of the process of selection of the own commercial network for our clients.

How do we do it?

  1. Through our supplier search process we locate the best supplier in the country selected for your project.
  2. Once the supplier search is completed, an individual report is made of each supplier that has been selected, based on the selection criteria established.
  3. Once the required reports are obtained, we will analyze the technical specifications of each supplier. Definition of the characteristics, qualities and quantities of the products to be acquired.
  4. After the results obtained, we performed an audit of the best selected suppliers. Inspection of the factory, where it is verified, on the spot, all the information of the suppliers and their facilities.
  5. Validation and selection of supplier: After verifications of the veracity and capacities of the suppliers: reputation, legal registration, experience, productive capacity, certifications.